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  OneOak Film
This half hour film follows the felling of a majestic oak tree and its conversion at a local sawmill. These were the activities of the Sylva Foundationís OneOak education project, filmed in 2010, which is following the full life story of one oak tree. The OneOak tree had grown on the Blenheim Palace estate in Oxfordshire for 160 years until it was felled in January 2010, witnessed by 250 school children and 150 invited guests.
  Making the Sounding Bowl
The making and turning processes by Tobias Kaye of Sounding Bowl-310, plus a second bowl that unfortunately developed a fatal split during the making process.
  Playing the Sounding Bowl
Tobias Kaye playing Bowl-310 to demonstrate its beautiful deep melodic tones.
  A New Oak Forest
One year after the tree was felled, children and craftspeople return to the woodland to start the planting of a new oak forest. A sculpture commemorating the tree is unveiled.
  Tree planting 2011
A record in timelapse photographs of the planting of a new forest of OneOak trees at Blenheim by 250 children over four months in Spring 2011. These are the same children that witnessed the felling of the OneOak tree a year before.
  At the sawmill
The OneOak tree reaches the sawmill, Deep in Wood. This film is one of a series telling the full life story of one oak tree.
  Timber extraction
The OneOak tree is extracted from the woodland on the Blenheim Estate in Oxfordshire. This film is one of a series telling the full life story of one oak tree.
  Forester and Son
Writer and broadcaster Cathy Fitzgerald recorded an interview between forester Nick Baimbridge and his son immediately before the felling.
  Interview with Paul Orsi
Head Forester at Blenheim Estates in Oxfordshire, Paul Orsi, is interviewed about the project.
Blenheim Estate donated the 160 year old tree.
  Interview with SYLVA's CEO
Sylva Foundation's Chief Executive, Dr Gabriel Hemery, is interviewed about the project.
Gabriel explains the aims of the project in bringing people closer to growing trees for wood. He talks about the many facets of the project from working with children, the science undertaken, and the future use of the tree's timber to produce a wide range of wooden products.
  Felling Timelapse
The whole day of the OneOak tree felling - in just 4 minutes. Filming started at dawn and includes the arrival of 400 guests and children in the woods.
Watch the aerial acrobatics of the tree surgeon, the felling of the tree, and the aftermath.
  Project Launch in Pictures
This film tells the story of the day in pictures. On a cold snowy day 250 primary school children and 140 guests arrived to watch the spectacle of the OneOak tree being felled. Afterwards the tree was studied in great detail by forest scientists who weighed every limb, branch and twig.
  Sam Scott-Hunter Photographs
Photographer Sam Scott-Hunter visited the OneOak tree in mid January 2010.
Together with Silke Spingies they captured the beauty of the tree in the snow at dusk as the sun set.

To see more of Sam Scott-Hunter's work visit:
  Laser Scan
Partners SCCS Survey and Leica Geosystems surveyed the tree with a laser scanner as part of the research to estimate the biomass, volume and carbon content of the OneOak tree.
This film is a 3D animation based on the laser scan.

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